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Sophie Morard, the founder of SHE architecture, is a multi-disciplinary architect whose primary focus has been on creating  unique private homes for her clients. A Valais native and based in Verbier since 1995,  Sophie has had ample opportunity through various projects to explore and refine the fine balance between architecture, decoration, and landscape and their intimate relation  to the special requirements of each individual client. 


SHE architecture has found success through a close collaboration with her clients and her small, diverse team of designers and craftsmen. Rather than be bound by a specific design signature, Sophie is comfortable blending the classic with the modern, and she believes in letting the style of each home speak for itself, whether capturing the essence of alpine living in a rustic mountain chalet or tackling the unique challenges of a contemporary family home in the valley.


Having an advanced degree in project management, in addition to her architecture degree from the Atheneum of Lausanne, Sophie understands above all else that any successful project requires focused vision and committed oversight from design concept to completion of construction, and  this is the philosophical foundation that SHE architecture brings to every client and every home.

"Architecture is a mindset, not a profession" - Le Corbusier

"Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love." - Louis Kahn


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